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Vegetation Biovolume Before Treatment

Watefowl 2017 Bio Essay.PNG

Vegetation Biovolume 1 Year After Treatment


We take a scientific approach to determine our prescriptions for pond and lake management.  Sonar mapping gives us a clear picture of the size, depth, vegetation density, and bottom composition of the water body.   Tailoring our services to the specific needs of each water body  allows us to use the minimum amount of product with maximum results. Ultimately this means less chemistry in the environment and more cost savings for our customers.  Repeat sonar mapping  provides data that details treatment results and permits a sharper focus on persisting management concerns.  

2018 Waterfowl Bio Essay.PNG

Bathymetry Map

BTW Cabin 2019 Contours.PNG

Vegetation Biovolume Map

BTW Cabin 2018 Veg.PNG

Bottom Composition Map

BTW Cabin 2019 Bottom Comp.PNG
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